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20. Dezember 2010

Very strong Asian (indian?) accent, couldn't catch her name or the company she worked for. She was, however, blatantly reading from a script because she asked me how I was, to which I answered "fine"...followed by a short pause before she followed up with "I'm fine thankyou"; for the record I didn't ask, nor did I care!

They've been calling me for a few months now, pretty much once or twice a day, every day. Got so annoyed today I actually answered; apparantly she was ringing regarding a letter they'd sent out to me (if they did, I didn't receive it), regarding the UK credit crisis. Although I told her I was too busy to speak, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess she was about to tell me how she could either save me money, or reclaim some money to aid in these difficult times.

No thanks!

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