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11. Oktober 2010

Dear ,
Thanks for the mail.I really likes to pay you in cash at hands.but
right now I'm not within your reach that i could easily comes for the
payment and pick-up the car once, so why we need talks better on
another means of payment which is by means of Bank Draft Cheque,which
is more secured and better than any other means of payment.

It's what i have been searching for the last 6 months.Thanks for everything.

Please help me take good proper care of it because i know by now its
mine.But right now the month is drawing down to an END and i can see
that i finally got one.

Really i want you to please send more pictures if available and if
not its okay. Well, the asking price is okay by me for £28,950. I
would be offering you £ 29,300 of the item only the shipping cost does
not included. Reason for this is that i want you to make sure you
reserved the item for me and consider it sold to any other enquiries.

I'm from Aberdeen in Scotland in UK, But i live by the sea side of
Portugal cos am a SAILOR. I always come home ( Aberdeen in Scotland
in UK) every 4 Months and travel back to my place of work in Porto

So, kindly get back to me,so i know which of the two is your most
preferred means of payment for the said item.Thanks for the mail...The
payment will be in advance by Cheque and i will need the following

1)Get back with the name to be written on the Cheque.

2)Your address where it is to be delivered (not a postbox address).

3)Your phone contacts (home/office/mobile) for an effective communication.

Also,I have forward your mail to my Associate to send you the payment
and also instruct him to include the shipping fee to your
payment,because he has arrange for the shipping.
I am really glad that you want me to get the item and i will be happy
also when i actually get it.Please email me back today.

PLEASE NOTE: That the cheque /Banker's Draft will be cleared first
before releasing the Item ok .

Best Regards,

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  1. đi tour 1 vòng cù lao chàm, hội an, bà nà nữa mới thích

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