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29. November 2010

I received a telephone call from this woman-foreign accented woman. From what I could understand, she stated that I was in "big trouble" and that I would be sent to jail. Please, for what?? She stated that I needed to return the call to her and if I did not, I would regret it. When I listed to the message, she sounded as if she was reading from a script. I receive the same telephone call from foreign accented males, reading the same message. I am not afraid, nor will I return these calls. I don't like calling people stupid but these people do not seem to know how to look for "real employment", but take pleasure playing on the weakness and fears of others. Do not call these people, they are a joke!!

She called and left a message at my place of employment from telephone number 347 635 5961.
There was a lot of static and noise in the background. Please note these people call me at least once a week and then they will let up for a while and then pick up the harrassment again. Total idiots.

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