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2. Dezember 2010

I received this email... I don't recall applying the the job. I should know better than to get "excited". The link lead me to a webinar.
The Linda "Green" almost has the same last name as mine, except mine is hyphenated
TO: *****************

Atlanta, Ga

******* on Thursday, November 18th you visited my partners website and filled out a form requesting additional information on Air PCS. Sorry it took me so long to get back with you - business is growing extremely fast and I have been behind on emails and voicemails.

I'm interested in opening a division of Air PCS in Atlanta and I would like to discuss a position with you. I have a few other people in Ga but no one in Atlanta. I honestly believe that you would be a perfect match for our business.

I recorded a webinar which explains everything.

You can watch the webinar at http://careerpronow.org

I look forward to discussing this with you further,

Linda Green



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