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3. Dezember 2010

hi,i run a small buisness and have been receiving calls from with witheld numbers from "charity" organisations selling advertising for wall charts,booklets,calendars etc. everyone of these are scams. they usually start off by telling you they are crime prevention officers,police officers,fire service personnel etc and all money is going to childrens charities. even if you tell them you are not interested you will receive another call sometimes months later telling you that you have agreed to support their campaign and will play you a recording (cleverly edited) to make you think you have. they will attempt to scam you out of hundreds of pounds. yesterday i received a call from the above number(the idiot forgot to withold it) from a well spoken guy who told me he was with the fire service and thanking me for my support on their fire safety booklet and how did i want to pay the £195 fee.(£60 discount if i paid over the phone). on questioning he told me i had agreed on 4th nov in call from his advertising department. i have been recording all calls from witheld numbers for months now because of these scams. i told him he wasn't a very good scammer as the call on the 4th nov was from a "police officer" and that i had recorded the call and that i also had his phone number which i was passing to the police and trading standards. he put me on hold and then started to have a conversation with someone else which i could hear and they told him to say nothing else and cut the call which he did. ANYONE COLD CALLING YOU ESPECIALLY SELLING ADVERTISING SPACE FOR CHARITIES BE VERY VERY AWARE THE VAST MAJORITY I.E 99.99% ARE SCAMMERS AND ARE TARGETING SMALL AND NEW BUSINESS

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